Dry erase board from an antique window

As a visual learner and writer, I LOVE my dry erase board. It was a lovely gift from a friend and one of my favourite items in my office.

In our last house, we learned how NOT to hang it. In this house, we did things a little differently.

First I measured and taped off the size of the window. I repaired the wall and painted white the portion of the wall that would show through the glass.



We attached a length of wood the same width as the window under and over the white square. Be sure to drill into the wall studs! (My husband had to glue and clamp two thin pieces of wood together to get the correct width.)


I painted the wood white, then rested the weight of the window on the bottom board while we positioned the window between the boards. Using clips from Home Depot, we secured it to the wood.



I love how accessible the board is for notes and brain storming sessions. And I LOVE how something so practical can also be pretty.

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