Transform hollow core doors

We have a few hollow core doors in our home. With so MANY other projects requiring our attention, changing out doors is pretty low on the list.

I detested that from my office chair, I saw the two most unattractive doors in our home. The garage man-door, and the bathroom door. So I searched the internet looking for ideas.

I found this post by Pretty-Handy-Girl, and tweaked it to better suit our budget. If you want to have a slightly better quality door, follow her instructions. If you are looking for a temporary solution for doors that don’t see too much action (A.K.A. beatings from the kids and dog) than my wallpaper option is a great money saver.

I measured and marked the doors like Pretty-Handy-Girl recommends on her post. My pencil marks are faint – you might need to zoom in.



I added Martha Stewart beadboard textured wallpaper panels to the marked squares. A whole roll provided enough to treat the front of a closet door, front of the garage man-door, and the front and back to the bathroom door with LOTS left over. My husband is so impressed, I’ll treat his basement office door the same way.

Once the paste dried (I made a cornstarch wallpaper paste using this recipe), I cut and glued the smallest trim I could purchase around the wallpaper squares and then primed the trim (the wallpaper comes primed.). I chose to the glue the trim with No More Nails because the trim was so slender I was afraid the air nailer would split it. Pretty-Handy-Girl used larger trim, but she also used beadboard instead of wallpaper. This is the bathroom door after the primer.

IMG_20150803_172117I also spray painted the doorknob of the garage man-door black. What a difference a little trim makes!


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