When a good idea isn’t a good idea

Why do good things sometime become bad things? Why does disguised sin spiral out of control in a flash? Why does a rug that cycles through the washing machine with ease nearly set itself ablaze in the dryer?

I stuffed the 4×6 shag rug inside the dryer drum and hesitated only for a moment. Should I hang it outside? Will it dry in the cooler November temperatures? I shoved the warning aside, pressed start, and went about my day.

So many things start this way. A good idea. A corner cut. A trick to ease the burden of hard work or the pain of the day. But just because it fits doesn’t make it right or wise. How many quick fixes prove to be the first step off the narrow path? How many corners cut eventually shred the heart? How many disappointments will it take to learn that there are no short cuts to sanctification? Yet the Holy Spirit is shoved aside and choices are rationalized.

Our minds have a stunning ability to mistake foolishness for wisdom, “The way of a fool is right in his own eye, but a wise man listens to advice” (Proverbs 12:15). We trick our memory into only recalling the details that serve our purposes. It is often not until the stench of our choice permeates every part of our lives that we consider maybe, just maybe, we made a mistake.


It wasn’t until my husband returned and sought out the source of burning rubber filling the air that I realized my folly. My inability to smell the overheated dryer could have been catastrophic. Instead of bemoaning a ruined rug, we could be mourning lost lives or a home in ashes. And I had no idea. That’s the scary part.

This week I thank God that He protected my family from my foolishness. This picture is all
that is left of the carpet.

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