Kitchen chalk board and task organizer

This cabinet door was left at our house by the previous owners.


I removed the hinges and the pull, and glued two pieces of leftover trim on the front. I filled the pull holes and sanded them down.


I taped off the “chalk board” section and painted the frame with two coats of yellow paint.



Using sponge letters purchased from the dollar store, I stamped the first letter of each child’s name over the trim ledge.


Next, I used chalk board paint (not to be confused with chalk paint) and painted the board section.


Then I made “task cards” for each of the kids. Each morning I put the cards they need to complete that day in front of their initial. Once all their tasks are complete, they have earned electronic time.


We write their weekly Scripture memory verse on the board to help them memorize it. One of their task cards is to daily recite the verse to me. I cannot stress how much this has helped me organize the day. Before, in the chaos of the moment, things like piano practise or chores relating to pet care were often forgotten. Now, I choose their daily tasks on the previous night before I go to bed. In the quiet I am able to thoughtfully think about all the things that need doing without distraction and deadlines getting in the way.

The children now accomplish simple chores that go beyond their bedroom and tidying, and they have additional school responsibilities to complete. Yet, despite the extra, every morning they look through their tasks and eagerly make time management decisions. It has been a great addition to our home.

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