Sleepy Smiles, Growling Anger, and Love

Such a beautiful day to end dark.

Sleepy smiles and warm hugs. Family prayer. Snacks and play. But like a cloud slipping over the sun, darkness creeps over little hearts. Gentle correction produces tempers and tears. The easy becomes hard.

Love is patient

Harsh words. Wounded hearts. Growling anger.

Love is kind

Love responds with another hug, even when little arms beat against my chest. Love softens the tone, even when my insides twist in frustration. Because Love never fails.


Love is patient with the crying child.

Love is kind amid the battle.

Love keeps no record of wrong.


Oh, how these children keep me humble. Driving me to me knees, where I meet Perfect Love.

And He meets me there, bent low, confessing my sins, my lack, my need.

He is patient. He is kind. He holds me tight, even when I beat against His chest in anger. He speaks truth into my soul. He sheds light into the darkest corners of my heart.

I yield, almost as begrudgingly as my child. Exhausted from the struggle. Ready to listen and repent. He threads His Spirit through me, and by His strength, I respond in love.

*from the archives

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