O Come, all ye faithful

Come to the One who offers redemption. Come to the One who took your nails. Come and repent and believe.

Come lay your burdens at the cross, receive the righteousness He imputes upon His beloved.

Come and adore the one born King. Worship the One who slipped into skin and, although flawless, accepted your sin onto Him. Revere the One who stretched out from east to west and absorbed each pound of the hammer.

Long ago, wise men sought Him in the manger. Today, wise men still seek Him. Come all who are weary and heavy laden. Come and be faithful.

It is not “Learn,” it is not “Take my yoke”—that is in the next verse, and is intended for the next stage of experience-but in the beginning the word of the Lord is, “Come unto me,” Come.

To come is to leave one thing and to advance to another. Leave your legal labors, leave your self-reliant efforts, leave your sins, leave your presumptions, leave all in which you have trusted, and come to Jesus— that is, advance towards and rely upon the Saviour.

Let your contemplations think of him who bore the load of human sin upon the cross of Calvary, where he was made sin for us. Let your minds consider him who from his cross hurled the enormous mass of his people’s transgressions into a bottomless sepulchre, where it was buried forever. Think of Jesus, the divinely appointed substitute and sacrifice for guilty man. Then, seeing that he is God’s own Son, let faith follow your contemplation; rely upon him, trust in him as having suffered in your stead, look to him for the payment of the debt which is due from you to the wrath of God. This is to come to Jesus. Repentance and faith make up this “Come”—the repentance which leaves that place where you now stand, the faith which comes into reliance upon Jesus.

~C.H. Spurgeon~

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