Painting the countertop AGAIN

Many of you might remember when I painted my brown/green countertops and multi-colored backsplash. I was incredibly pleased with the results. However, once we opened up the main floor of the house, the tan counters no longer matched.


Curious about how a homemade chalk recipe would hold up, and curious to discover if there was a way to avoid all the prep work the last job required, I decided to give it a try. I mixed up my trusty recipe (3 parts paint, 1 part plaster of paris stirred with a BIT of water until smooth). I purposefully left it a bit gritty for texture, and slapped it on the counter. I did NO PREP besides taping off the sink and wiping down the surface.



After two coats of colour, I polyurethaned it twice.


It dried overnight and has held up well. There have been a couple of gouges (like when I dropped and broke a bowl), but painted counters only require a quick “spot” touch up dabbed on with a tiny paint brush.


I LOVE how it turned out and will use this method again. The colour is Almost Black, by Benjamin Moore, and is exactly what the kitchen needed. Come back in two weeks to see the new backsplash! – updated for only $100!!

5 thoughts on “Painting the countertop AGAIN

  1. foreverandeverett says:

    Stacy! We just bought a house, and the countertops are NOT my colour so I’ve been researching all kinds of temporary fixes but they all seem to be a lot of work so maybe I’ll try this option!!! Thanks!! I might even steel your colour too! Out cupboards are all white too!


    • staceyweeks says:

      Congratulations on the house purchase! How exciting. I am very pleased with my countertop and colour choice. The first time I painted them I used a lighter tan and I left wet dishes to drip dry on a red tea towel, and the red seeped into the tan leaving marks. I was able to scrub them off – but it was hard work. So, a darker colour is the best choice!
      Also, if you leave a damp cloth on the counter for a long period of time, it leaves a “wet mark”, but when the dampness dries the mark is gone. That only happens if water pools on it and you fail to wipe it up. So don’t be alarmed if that happens!! It goes away.
      We expect to get a good few years out of these.


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