The Miracle Game Changer

When the wait is long, the theology of trusting God and His timing is difficult. What answers are you waiting for?

Healing? Victory over addiction? Loved ones to respond to God? Returned prodigals? Forgiveness? Grace?

There is no way to predict the wait time for answer or change, but one thing I know for certain, believers do not wait in vain. God set into a motion a game changer when Jesus rose from the dead. The resurrection of Christ changed everything back then, and it changes everything now.

Pre-ressurection, Jesus’ followers depended on the actual presence of Christ to give them strength, wisdom, and boldness. When Jesus died, so did their courage. The disciples fled. Everything they believed shattered with the strike of a hammer.

The apostles did not know the future. They didn’t understand Jesus’ prophetic words about rebuilding the temple in three days. They entered their new normal not knowing how or if God would act. They possibly waited in fear, anticipation, or maybe even dread.

Then God raised Jesus from the dead, forever defeating death. Jesus’ death paid for our sin. His sacrifice and resurrection secured victory for those who repent and turn to Him.

What does that mean for you? It means that while you wait, God is working. Death is defeated. Nailed to the cross. Victory rises in an extraordinary game changer.

The resurrection. It changes everything. Wait with confidence in your Lord.

*from the archives

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