Simple Backsplash

Replacing our kitchen backsplash remains low on the “to-do” list in our fixer-upper home. You may recall we painted the existing tile when we first moved in.

Now that the main floor renovation is near complete (still waiting on new windows and real counters), we decided to take a second pass at the backsplash.

I initially had hopes of never replacing the kitchen cabinets, however the interior of the lowers are in such poor repair that they will need to be replaced sometime in the next few years. Knowing our current updates are temporary dictates the budget.

I found these wonderful 10 by 10 peel and stick tiles at the Brantford Surplus store. They came 4 to a pack for $9.99. Similar tiles were selling online for nearly $40 a package, so the price excited this bargain hunter.


Some quick calculations proved we could dress up the entire backsplash for less than $100. I was sold!

My first attempt to hang 4 tiles promptly failed. Overnight all 4 tiles peeled off the wall. Not one to give up easily, I called my trusty renovation friend/expert, and he advised me to prep the pre-existing tile with PL Premium 600 construction adhesive. We spread it on with a trowel and pressed up the tiles. The peel and stick adhesive held the tiles until the PL Premium dried.


Round two results were better received. The tiles went up surprisingly fast and it was easy to cut around outlets with regular scissors.

The only thing left to swap out were the curtains – which no longer matched. We traded the simple white linen curtains from my office with the printed green curtains.


What do you think? Worth the $100?

4 thoughts on “Simple Backsplash

  1. Nancy Andres says:

    Love, love, love it!! Being a DIY myself since the 70’s I still get inspired and excited about other DIY projects. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your inspirations. Also congratulations on the publication of your novel.


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