How do we breathe?

Pic 1A young momma, in the fight of her life, inhales God’s strength. Her young man, yanked from dreaming dreams into a living nightmare, stands on the Word, inhaling Truth and exhaling prayers—

—prayers for his love, praying she has more days written in the Book. Prayers for the one so tiny and precious, knit by the Maker, his days pre-determined and purposed for His glory. Day by day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute, second-by-second, each breath is a victory. Each breath declares God’s goodness.

The breath of the Almighty gives life. He ushers His own to the place of dependence where faith truly lives. God’s mighty name is praised because nothing is wasted—not even this.

pic 2

God is good when it is dark and when it is light. God is good when it is hard and when it is easy. God is good when He gives and when He takes away. His Truth is the oxygen a suffocating world needs to breathe, and needs to breathe deeply.


*pictures and story shared with permission in hope you will pray for this family.

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