Is your love fickle?

If you look closely, you’ll see it—the evidence of a dried up root, the lack of passionate worship, the absence of devoted prayer. It caters to the appetite of culture. It softens the Word, resulting in worship of the blessing rather than worshiping the Bless-er.

And God departs.

Bounty may remain for a period, fooling many, but inevitably, the fruit shrivels. The plant dies when the Spirit of God leaves. It’s happening all around us. Once a picture of abundance and blessing, now withered nations, withered congregations, withered families, withered hearts struggle to survive.

Why do passionate people drift from their first love of the Lord? What causes us to grow indifferent and callous toward Him? What transforms faith into routine that breeds fickle love? Our attendance slips. Weariness grows. Works become a chore and tongues wag. The atmosphere dips and eventually turns cold. God departs and takes His blessings with Him. It is the consequence of fickle love.

Look close and you’ll see it. In many places, the Lampstand has been removed for the abandonment of first love.

It is not enough to toil with patient endurance. It is not enough to test and expose false teachers. It is not enough to endure patiently, bearing up for Jesus’ sake and not growing weary. It is not enough, because without passionate love for God—God removes His presence (Rev 2:2-3).

The bride is no longer like grapes in the wilderness, like the first fruit of the fig tree in its first season. Woe to the bride who becomes a thing of shame.

*Read Hosea 9 , Revelation 2:1-7

2 thoughts on “Is your love fickle?

  1. Melanie Turner says:

    Maybe for a season, and it’s a sad thing all the lost time away from Him, but you can bet that even when we let go of Him, He has not let go of us. He will always bring us back if we are truly His.


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