UPDATE: how do we breathe?

Thank you for all the prayers poured out on behalf of this precious family. Because of the overwhelming response to this petition for prayer, they have allowed me to update you on momma and baby. Meet little Matthew, who has changed so much in the few weeks you have been praying for him.

update 2

God has answered our prayers and poured out amazing grace toward this family. Momma’s organs are functioning again (praise the LORD!). There are tentative plans to stop dialysis because her kidney function has improved so rapidly. The hospital staff are amazed at her recovery.

Initially, she had limited time with her son due to the severity of her (and his) condition. When she finally got to see him, fear overwhelmed. What if he didn’t know her? How could he know her when the majority of his care came from the nurses? He kicked up his legs, arched his back, mouth wide open in typical new born frustration. Her heart ached. She and her mother prayed that the Lord would show her that Matthew knew SHE is his Mom.

This new momma, still weak and overwhelmed in many ways, rose from her wheelchair and reached out her hand. She placed it on top of his little head and she sang a tender song she had sung to him while she was pregnant. Her boy instantly settled. His legs relaxed and he started that sweet sucking motion with his lips. He knew his mother’s voice.

I love that our God cares about the small prayers just as much as He cares about the big ones. I love that He saw fit to grant her that sweet connection and joy in comforting her child. Thank you, Lord.

And please, keep praying. Little Matthew needs to gain more weight, and there is a long recovery road ahead of him. Pray for his protection against infection.

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