Powder Room Makeover

The money set aside for this bathroom makeover went towards fixing the leaky plumbing, the rotted subfloor, and the cracked stack pipe. All high priority jobs that have absolutely nothing to do with finishing the project pretty. The behind the scenes needs left me with a shoestring budget. Not even a shoestring. More like a thread. So, I hit the Restore, Kijiji, garage sales, and scoured the owner’s leftover decor items from previous projects.

The original brown walls made the room feel even smaller than its 4×5 footprint. The boxy vanity with a stained counter slopped into the back corner on a rotted subfloor. The room wasn’t pretty. Not even close.


But after a weeks of hard work and many small projects, the space is now airy and beautiful.


I found the floor at, Restore, and paid less than $20 for everything needed to install it.


I found the sink on Kijiji for $30.


When dressing a bathroom, I love to use uniquely shaped mirrors to add interest. Winners is a great store for interesting accent pieces. This beauty measured the perfect width for over the vanity, and it was on clearance for $39. Bonus!


You might recognize the decor pieces below from previous posts. The eclectic mix of projects add individuality and flare to the small space. Click the highlighted words for detailed instructions on how to reproduce them in your home.

Mason Jar candles are easy to make and add ambiance to any room. The wooden letters were leftover from an alphabet that once decorated a nursery. I simply spray-painted them black.


This great lighting choice corrected a problem with an off-set electrical box.


Every bathroom needs a piece of artwork. I customized a common picture for them.


The existing door was a hollow core flat door and replacing it was not in the budget. I dressed it up with a little bit of wallpaper and paint on both the inside and outside.

The faux roman shade. It is a piece of fabric gathered at the edges in folds. Privacy isn’t an issue for this window so the curtain doesn’t need to be functional. The Scripture verse is a peel and stick vinyl sticker I found at the dollar store.


I found the super cute wooden crate at a garage sale. I purchased two crates for $5. This is the smaller of the two, and is the perfect size to hold extra toilet paper and cleaner.


This project of leftover items and clever tricks transformed this tiny 2-piece powder room into something really pretty. I bet you could do this in your home!

13010220_10153879515524300_2104444604_oStacey is busy writing her third novel, so I am the new host of Makeover Monday. I reside in the fictional town of Bayview, Michigan, and Pelican Book Group is releasing my story, The Builder’s Reluctant Bride, on July 08, 2016.

Make sure you follow Stacey on all her social media sites. When my story is released in July, Stacey is hosting a MONTH of giveaways. You won’t want to miss the great, reinvented, you’re-gonna-want-it prize that I made especially for her contest.

Until next time,


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