Dollar Store Centrepieces

You’ve planned the big day. You’ve managed every detail. Now, it is time to decorate the tables. But wait, you forgot about the tables! Not to worry, your local dollar store has everything you need to to re-create this pretty, original, and meaningful centrepiece.

You’ll need 4 picture frames for every table. We had 15 tables at our event, so I purchased 60 frames. I chose white for simplicity.


Next, you’ll need to develop photographs for the frames. You can chose 4 photographs and make every centrepiece the same, or chose different photographs, making each table unique. We used different photographs for each table to encourage guests to mingle and see what pictures and memories the other frames held.

After putting the pictures in the frames, it is time to assemble them. The dollar store sells glue guns and glue sticks in their craft aisle, truly making this a one stop shop. Hot glue the edges of each frame, pressing them together to form a cube.

They dry fairly quickly, so work with one edge at a time. You can fill each cube with whatever you like. We used gerber daisies and green napkins (as filler).


It really is that simple.


13010220_10153879515524300_2104444604_oStacey is busy writing her third novel, so I am the new host of Makeover Monday. I reside in the fictional town of Bayview, Michigan, and Pelican Book Group is releasing my story, The Builder’s Reluctant Bride, on July 08, 2016.

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Until next time,


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