Book Trailer: The Builder’s Reluctant Bride


I am so excited to release the trailer for The Builder’s Reluctant Bride. As I move into the final month before the book release, I’m asking for your prayers.

It would be easy to get swept up in the promotion and fun of releasing my first novel, and some of that is great. In fact, much of that is great. But my heart, at its core, is so sinful and prideful that I know I need your prayers to navigate this stretch well, to pursue humility in these upcoming weeks, and to direct all praise and glory to the Lord.

I’m asking you, my readers, friends, and family, to commit to praying that my heart and mind remain centred on Christ, and that no matter how big or little a splash this book makes in the ocean of literature available to the public, that God would use my offering bring glory and fame to His name. This is my desire.

I hope you enjoy the contests in July and take part for the chance to win some special items made especially for this release, but above all that, know that more than following me on social networks, more than buying my book, more than anything else, I covet your prayers and would be encouraged to know you are interceding on my behalf. Thanks for reading, praying, and watching the super trailer made by my favourite brother-in-law.

All for His glory,



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