Take a break from your passion

I love to write. These last few years have brought great joy as I’ve seen fruit grow after years of hard work. However lately, I’ve been evaluating the good things in my life and how all good things remain good things only when they stay in the right place in my life. A recent “time out” from fictional writing has proven to be a beneficial pause and reminder to me that occasional distance from the activities I love is healthy and good.

Consider 3 reasons why you should take a break from your passions:

Anything can become an idol

Anything, even good things, like writing to express my love for the Lord, can sneak into that space in my heart reserved for the Lord. Writing about God should never replace personal time spent with Him. Studying His Word should never become about finding material for a devotional or a growth arch for a character. I strive to know Him better and grow in love for Him because He is worthy of my praise and adoration. That is why I enter into His presence.

A well-rounded life is healthier, less stressful, and honestly – more fun

I’ve observed that closing the laptop, getting off the office chair, getting my nose out from under a pile of notes and papers improves my attitude, patience, and over all health. It is good to go for a walk / jog / bike ride. It is good to spend time with the real people living in my house and give them 100% of my attention. It is good to feel the warmth of the sun on my face, laugh with my children, stay up late or get up early just because. There is more to life than work and hobbies.

Real people are more important

That deserves a repeat because it is easy to say but also easy to forget. Real people are more important than the stuff you’re saving your money to buy, more important than the book you want to finish reading, more important than the training schedule you want to keep, more important than the blog post you are reading right now <grin>. For me, real people are more important than the make believe ones I create in my stories.


Maybe you’re not a writer. Maybe your passion is running, cooking, reading, playing an instrument, fitness, home decor, crafting, gaming, or anything else that might bring a person pleasure. It really doesn’t matter what “thing” fills your spare time, the truth still remains. Guard yourself against making it an idol. Keep God, and your time with Him, first. Balance your life by first meeting daily with Him, then exercising, easting healthy, and engaging with the people around you because real people—relationships—are more important than that hobby. And the most important relationship is the one you have with God.

If your passion has slowly overtaken your thoughts, time and attention, perhaps it is time to force it back into its rightful place. Sometimes, a break is good.

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