3 things that should never take a holiday

Summer sun, holidays and leisure. We are smack in the middle of beach days, poolside parties and BBQ’s. The kids are off school. Set bedtimes and alarm clocks are fading memories, traded for sand-between-the-toes, popsicle-filled adventure.

Summer is a causal existence. It’s tropical, island-style living within the city limits. But, when taken too far, the freedom of summer can usher in a wintery faith.


3 things that should never take a holiday

Time in the Word.

I’m all for a break from daily living, but I’m absolutely against a break from your daily bread. Be flexible. If your summer schedule has changed, your time in the Word can change. The point is to be purposeful. If you don’t plan time to study and meditate on Scripture, it’s unlikely to happen.


Box the electronic games and get outside to play real ones. Turn off the television and go for a walk, swim, or bike ride. Yes, unplug, but never unplug from prayer. It’s your lifeline.

There is no holiday from needing the Lord. How can you respond with wisdom, discern the moment, or produce the fruits of the Spirit if you’re not connected to the vine? You can’t. They are Holy Spirit powered.

If prayer takes a holiday, it won’t be long before love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control take a hike along with it.

You need prayer because you need the Lord.


We need each other. We need to sit under biblically sound teaching, be held accountable, and offer and receive encouragement. I need the godly women in my life to show-up because iron sharpens iron. I’m counting on them.

Distractions will arise. Temptations to check-out rather than check-in are huge. So, purposefully focus on what matters—fixing your heart and mind on the things of God and encouraging your brothers and sisters to do the same. They are counting on you to show-up.

It’s never routine with God

Yesterday, a friend reminded me that routines and habits are great, but what the Lord teaches us through His Word, in prayer, and through each other, is never routine.

His Mercies are new every morning, Great is His Faithfulness!

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