Old Door Becomes New Art

After a month of book promotion, I’m excited to get back to Makeover Monday! Let’s jump right in 🙂

I was given a green cabinet door and I instantly knew it would become a home decor item. First, I lightly sanded the door, keeping the original green because it was such a pretty shade. I dry-brushed a very small amount of black paint on it and sanded again. Then, I dry-brushed a very small amount of white paint on it and sanded until I had the look I desired.


The white and black paint is subtle.

I followed THESE INSTRUCTIONS to transfer the text, Amazing Grace, to the door because my freehand script is horrible. In case yours is just as bad, you can download the already flipped text image below. Be sure to click the blue link above for application instructions. All you need is a printer and wax paper.


Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 2.39.20 PM




It transferred really easily.

After applying the text to the door front, I handed painted over the ink and very lightly sanded. I painted on a white cross, sanded it down, and hot glued the twine around the edge.


I used a cross template found online.


It was a fun and easy project, easily accomplished within a few hours. Be sure to send me pictures of your cabinet door art!

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