New Book = New Contest!

Today Glorious Surrender releases! I am crazy excited, crazy nervous, and crazy eager to get a copy into your hands because surrender matters.

This isn’t just about that first surrender, that first time you KNEW the Lord was calling you to repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness. This is deeper surrender. It is what I believe the Lord calls us all to do: yield every part of our life to Him for His glory.

My struggle with surrender

I’ve struggled with surrender. This book shares about the many times I knew I stood at a fork in the road and had to choose between my way and God’s way. I expect you’ve been to that same place at different times in your life. If you’ve been there before or are there now and don’t know what to do—Glorious Surrender is for you.

I’ve feared surrender. What if it’s hard? Terribly hard? Can I trust God with the things that matter most to me? If you’ve ever feared yielding everything to the Lord—your life, dreams, children, family, desires—Glorious Surrender is for you.

I’ve discovered that surrender is freeing. Something amazing happened when I finally yielded complete control of my life to the Lord. If you long for peace in the midst of trials, contentment that doesn’t hinge on healed wounds or removed hardships, joy in the midst of overwhelming uncertainty—Glorious Surrender is for you.

Today, every comment posted on this blog post, every comment on my Facebook author page (under this shared post) and every comment on Twitter that mentions #glorioussurrender and tags me @WriterSWeeks is entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Who doesn’t want a gift card 51 days before Christmas? Yup. 51 days.

You can order Glorious Surrender NOW by clicking one of the links below.

My Publisher’s Site, Great Canadian Authors

regular price 13.99 @ Chapters/Indigo on sale for $13.17



6 thoughts on “New Book = New Contest!

  1. Laura Blackman says:

    I am learning surrender as we speak!
    It seems to be a continuous process until that area He is working on is laid down completely…..I can hardly wait to read your book!


  2. Jennifer says:

    I am buying more than one of your books and using them as christmas gifts! I hate reading but am really encouraged and want to read your book! Here is to many new beginnigs!
    Thanks for your faithfulness and speaking God” truth theough your writting.


    • staceyweeks says:

      I’d really like your feedback afterwards! Specifically in regards to whether it captured your attention and made you want to keep turning the pages, especially since reading is not your favourite activity. Thanks for the support!!


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