The Miracle Isn’t on 34th Street

It’s a holiday classic. The story begins with the Macy’s Christmas Parade and Susan, a six-year-old skeptic, watches from above. She doesn’t have faith in things she can’t see.

We are much like Susan.

Kris Kringle, a friendly and impressive department store Santa Claus, eventually wins Susan’s heart. Sadly, her enchantment fades when Kringle fails to deliver her heart’s desire.

How quickly does our devotion fade when God fails to deliver what we desire?

In the movie’s climactic final scene, Kris leads the family to Susan’s gift, and she eventually believes.

Our happily-ever-after isn’t as neat and tidy as that Hollywood classic because our miracle doesn’t involve God granting every wish like a cosmic Santa. Our happily-ever-after comes at great expense, a cost our Lord willingly paid, accomplishing the greatest miracle.

The Real Miracle

When God first came to His people, no parades were held in His honour. He quietly slipped into human skin one star-filled night. God peeled back the heavens, and the angels declared His glorious birth. A holy, all-powerful, uncontainable God allowed Himself to be temporarily contained within human skin. He gave His life for ours and ascended into Heaven so the one greater then he could reside in human hearts. This miracle didn’t happen for one girl on 34th Street. It happens inside all who believe.

Transformed Heart

Miracle on 34th Street is quaint, funny, and it warms my heart. But the real Christmas miracle doesn’t simply warm my heart, it transforms it. It turns it from a heart of stone into a heart of flesh.

May your Christmas and mine never be reduced to a jolly old man who grants every desire. May it always be centred on a Sovereign God who knows ours desires and gives far more than we can ask or imagine. Perhaps not what we wish, but always what we need.

This year, I’ll grab my warm afghan and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. I’ll settle down in front of the fire and watch Miracle on 34th Street. But not until after I’ve pondered, praised, gave thanks and rejoiced over the real miracle—Christ with Us.


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