Blazing Love

The black night gives way to the burning force edging over the horizon. Light floods the surface of the earth. You can’t miss it. You can’t deny it. It just is. Everyday

Love gently eases over the edge, melting, warming, inviting you to surrender to the blaze of newness. A new day brings new growth. It requests surrender. It demands I yield to Light and welcome Him into the darkest corners of my heart. I throw back the shutters and tilt my face upwards into the heated love of the Son.

He melts my hardness; He warms the cold and breathes new life into this tired body. This births prayer. Prayer dependent upon the Light.

O God, my perfect and good Father, may you continue to develop Godly character in me, a humble heart, and a tender spirit. May life’s difficulties produce growth, a deeper dependence on You, a giving over of my will and desire to Yours.

May the lost dream make way for a new dream. A dream that is more than I could ask for or imagine. I plan my steps, but yield the path to You, O Lord. You determine my way.

*from the archives

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