How to stretch out your CROCS if they shrink

When my dad bought his CROCS, the salesman told him they might stretch a bit, but the salesman failed to explain they might also shrink. Dad forgot his four-year-old beloved CROCS on the back deck one night, and by morning, they had shrunk TWO SIZES.



Like Cinderella’s stepsisters, he could only force his foot part way into the shoe.


He lamented, disappointed that his favorite gardening shoes were now useless. We turned to the Google search bar for answers. We found a website that promised hope for shrunken CROCS and figured we were the perfect test case.

Following the instructions, we brought a pot of water to boil. Once the water was boiling, we dropped in the CROCS, covered the pot with the lid, and set the timer.

After boiling the shoes for one minute, we carefully removed them, and Dad stuffed his socked feet inside as soon as he could handle the temperature.

He wore them for a few hours, and they stretched out nicely. We are happy to report that CROCS can be successfully re-stretched after accidental shrinking! (And they come out nice and clean after boiling 🙂 )


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