Display your wreath

What do you get when you add a burlap wreath and an old window? Perfect country style! Special thanks to my friend Mary, who had this idea first 🙂





Last Makeover Monday we learned how to create this beautiful burlap wreath. This week, we’ll display it on an old window.







I was given this huge, old window from a friend taking down a greenhouse. (Thanks, Julie!) It’s been in my garage for almost a year. I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I knew I wanted it. I soaped it down, and it cleaned up surprisingly well.


I like it when large pictures sit or lean against a wall, so put up this shelf. The window is heavier than most pictures, so after I installed the shelf using the predrilled holes, I added more screws ensuring I hit the studs. (I also got my hubby to double check. I don’t want this falling on anyone.)

Using one of those “peel and stick” plastic hooks, I found the center and stuck on the hook. Let the hook set for 24 hours before use. This was seriously the hardest part. Waiting.


Finally, hang the wreath! I love how this fills the wall going down the stairs and into our basement.  Stay tuned for a chandelier makeover that repurposes it into decor with no need for electricity. It just might hang in this staircase when it’s done as well.


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