Candle Chandelier

Isn’t it pretty? I wish I had a before picture.


I was updating things on my phone (which held all the before pictures) when I lost everything. Sigh. You’ll just have to believe me when I say that this chandelier needed some TLC. (Think: brown, rusted, and weather damaged.)

Since this was an electric light fixture, the first step involved in its transformation was removing all the electrical components. It wasn’t anything a bit of snipping and tugging couldn’t handle. (Insert in your mind a picture of me yanking out cords and wires.)

Then, I suspended the fixture from a bungee cord in our garage and painted the entire fixture white. (I even had a picture of this step before the ‘unfortunate incident’.)

It looked a little plain, so I hot glued a string of beads around it. At first, I had a LOT more beads. (I’m not so sad this picture is missing. It was kind of ugly all tacky and sparkly.)  I removed all but two simple strands. Less is more.


Finally, I inserted a hook in the ceiling and used chain link to suspend the light. I added the candles and, ta-da! The perfect accent for my burlap wreath.


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