And the winners are…

Thank you to everyone who made the launch of In Too Deep successful. There really are no words to explain the dread, fear, and flat out nausea that stirs inside of me right before a book launch. I’ve shared before about my publishing fears so I won’t repeat them now, but I can assure you that I battle each and every one every time a new book release has my name on the cover.

It’s a strange war between wanting to succeed, being afraid to succeed, and being afraid to try and fail. I actually hesitated before posting the details for the #InTooDeep photo contest because what if no one entered? But in the end, I decided whatever sized splash In Too Deep made, I was going to enjoy every second. So I posted the contest and was delighted with the entries. Here is the winner of the e-book bundle:



I must admit my favorite picture is the one my kids took for me.

My big goal for the event was to have some fun, give away a few prizes, maybe find a few more fans for my Facebook Page, and pick up a few new subscribers to my newsletter.

Because of your participation in sharing the posts about In Too Deep, over 5000 people were engaged in the launch party over various social media sites between the hours of 3-8 PM. That is far and beyond what I had hoped for. Bev D. won a copy of In Too Deep for commenting on a post on Sandra Orchard’s author page about the book, and Simone V won an Amazon gift card for participating on my author page. Over 800 people viewed the book trailer between all the social media shares, and Ruth E. won for sharing the trailer on Facebook. All prizes were awarded using the excel RAND BETWEEN function.

I picked up just over 40 new Facebook fans, which moves me closer to that 500 fan goal and a handful of people subscribed to my quarterly newsletter filled with deals, contest information, and opportunities available only to newsletter subscribers.

Nov 3rd started with me feeling like I was, well, in too deep. (I know, I know – GROAN.) At 2:59 I sat at my computer and fought back fear. Nov 3rd ended with feelings of elation and joy. Ultimately, I write for the Lord, but it sure feels nice when the reading community sends a wave of encouragement my way. Saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough.

If you missed the launch, you can still enjoy the first two chapters of In Too Deep free here, along with some other promotional material the publisher added in just for fun.

Here are a few more pictures from launch day:


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