Outdoor Fireplace: From Blah to Wow!

I usually have a bold vision for our reno projects. In our marriage, it’s me shouting, “Stop the car!” so we can pick up curbside treasures. But even I have to admit that this project scared me a bit.

When a friend offered me this outdoor fireplace, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Was it even salvageable?


I snapped a picture and sent it to Kevin almost certain he would want me to pass. Surprise surprise, this time HE had the vision.

It sat on our patio for a year before we tackled it. Some parental advice gave us the boot in the pants we needed to get started. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

After I scrubbed it down with soap and water, I taped off the sections I wanted to paint bronze.

So far, so good. I was feeling pretty encouraged. I brushed on the black sections after the bronze dried. Both paints are BBQ paint, so I am hopeful they will hold up.

As you can see, the inside of the firebox was badly damaged. I don’t have a picture of the damaged topper. All the steel mesh preventing embers from flying out the chimney was destroyed. We popped off the topper, measured the inside box, and headed to a local sheet metal business, and they created a new insert and re-meshed the topper. (Is re-meshed a word??)




The project came in at $70. Not a bad price for such a beautiful outdoor fireplace. We can’t wait to use it.

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