Why I Write Christian Romance


Christian Romance books do not involve sexual love. The romance is based on an emotional connection between the characters and growing respect. The story is told as an allegory of God’s love for His children.

In my novels, the plot moves the story forward—not shocking or steamy scenes. I take Ephesians 5:4 seriously, “Let there be no filthiness nor foolish talk nor crude joking, which are out of place, but instead let there be thanksgiving.”

God has placed each of us in the middle of a love story.

You are, right now, in a love story.

Some love stories are dramas. They’re full of heart-wrenching moments and climatic events. Some love stories are like a feel-good-girls-night-out, everything falls into place at the right moment and clicks. Some love stories are suspenseful; they have us biting our nails and wondering if good will ever prevail. And some of you are thinking – love story? – yeah right!

I don’t know your circumstances or life, but what I hope all my readers understand is that there is Someone who does. He is greater than any fictional prince, and He left his kingdom to pursue your heart. Not only is He pursuing you, but He is writing your story as a part of His story. He has promised that the stories of all His children end in victory for His glory.

Broken Love Stories

Our culture often depicts love in steamy images, as if love is solely based on sexual feelings. Our culture manipulates hearts and stirs up inappropriate passions. I believe this world needs clean, wholesome, and God-honouring stories. It needs authors bold enough to call cheap, broken, and worldly lust what it is—sin. It needs stories of purity, characters that honour God first, and illustrations of how true satisfaction comes from a right relationship with God not from a human relationship.

Ephesians 4:29 refers to speech, but it applies to authors as well, “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.”

Christian romance stories thrive within the boundaries God has created for love, and that gives hope to those who have only known broken love. Not hope in the right man, but hope in the Lord.

Happily Ever After

In this genre, you can count on your happy ending—and I like that. But more importantly than finding her one-true-love is my heroine’s growth in her walk with the Lord. More important than saving the day, winning the girl, and defeating the villain is my hero’s surrender to God.

So yes, I write romance. But the real story is exposing the lie my characters believe about themselves, the world, or God and proving that lie to be untrue. The real story is that God is the Hero, the pursuer of our hearts, and the lover of our souls.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write Christian Romance

  1. rosemarie says:

    Hi Stacey after reading below, i felt i had to write and say that is why i really enjoy your books, no crude words no smut just true love from the heart, i read a lot of kindle books and buy them when they are on offer of £1, most have been really nice love stories. those i bought and got 1/2 way through and found they were not for me, i just stopped reading.

    i would love to be able to tell you mine and Pete’s Romance story and it really is the true intervention of the Lord, we were boyfriend and girlfriend for a brief time in the 1970’s i had been married and divorced and we met at the job i started when i moved back home to mum and dads house, Pete was 5 years younger then me and was coming up to his 21’st birthday. i thought he was a terrific guy, but also in experienced compared to me, we got on really well and i knew he adored me. So i had to end it. i sat in an old ruin of a Abbey one evening after saying good night to him, and poured out my heart to the Lord, asking for strength to walk away, i didn’t think a relationship between us would work and that i would be a dominant partner, that was the last thing i wanted, i cared and respected him far to much to do that to him. The break up really hurt him and i just had to except what i had done was for the best. Pete met some one a few years later and they married, i too met some one and married, both Pete and i had a boy and girl from our marriages unfortunately neither of us had a good marriage, neither of our partners knew the meaning of being loyal and faithful and respecting the marriage vows 15 years of living in misery and asking the Lord to get me out of it, saying all i want is some one to love and someone to love me. there are a lot of things that happened over the next 10 years, but we both believe the Lord Jesus Christ our Savoir son of the Father brought us back together again.

    The whole of our story had nothing to do with lust or anything sexual and after reading WHY YOU WRITE CHRISTIAN ROMANCE I just felt compelled to tell you all this. sorry if i may have embarrassed you. i just felt i could share it with you. both Pete and i believe in divine intervention Love Rosemarie

    Stacey weeks posted: ” Christian Romance books do not involve sexual love. The romance is based on an emotional connection between the characters and growing respect. The story is told as an allegory of God’s love for His children. In my novels, the plot moves the story forw”


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