What are you chasing?

We all chase something. It might be a degree, career, or academic recognition. It might be a spouse, a family, a cultural perception of success, or the approval of man. We long to pursue the things that matter, we long to chase the Lord, but we are weary from our other pursuits.

What if we directed all that energy spent rushing after lesser pursuits toward developing the character traits and disciplines Christ calls us to pursue? Would we feel less overwhelmed? What if, instead of seeking to simplify our life, we explored ways to increase our endurance and strengthen our body and mind? What if we cut things we enjoyed from our schedule to make room for things we need? What if we stopped aimlessly running, and instead, chased the disciplines that would earn the prize that mattered? Can we train for godliness and righteousness? Can we train our powers of discernment through constant practice? Can we present ourselves to the Lord as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of God?

I believe that we can. We can teach stubborn hearts through the discipline of seeking God to remain focused on Him. We can live as if we believe God when He calls us his child, chosen, holy, and redeemed. We can learn to live by the power of God rather than by our fledging strength and become so overwhelmed by God and the great length to which He has gone to save us that it changes everything in life.

We all chase something. It might be a degree, a career, a spouse, a family, a cultural perception of success, or the approval of man. We long to pursue the things that matter, we long to chase the Lord, but we are just so weary.

Exploring this idea is the premise for my second non-fiction book (which I just finished writing!). I will share all the exciting details as soon as I am able!

What are you chasing? smaller

Photo credit: Jordan Steranka. Used with permission. Unsplash.

Did you miss my first non-fiction title?

Glorious Surrender won the 2016 Women’s Journey of Faith award. Do you long for the joy of complete dependence on God, yet fear the cost of full surrender? Do you long for unconditional acceptance and love, but fear exposing your heart? Do you long for solid peace, absolute trust, and contentment amidst alarming circumstances, but fear those circumstances might shatter your soul? Some of God’s greatest blessings are hiding behind those parts of our lives that are most difficult to surrender.

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What others are saying about Glorious Surrender:

Glorious Surrender is full of insights and wisdom that women of all ages will find deeply relevant. No doubt, you’ll be nodding your heads as you go through each chapter. Glorious Surrender will renew your mind and touch your heart… It is a privilege and a pleasure for me to recommend this book as a powerful tool of discipleship on a subject of critical importance in our day.” ~Robbie Symons, pastor, and author of Passion Cry 

“Stacey Weeks writes with transparency about the tension and transformation that her role as a pastor’s wife played in bringing her to the place of ultimate freedom – one who seeks God’s glory above all else. ~Andrea Thom, author of Ruth: Redeeming the Darkness

Glorious Surrender struck a chord deep within me. Stacey Weeks beautifully encourages her readers to keep a soft heart for Jesus! Margaret Gibb, Executive Director, Women Together

 Order Glorious Surrender today: Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Chapters

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