The Mission of Mistletoe Mission

In one week, you can return to Mistletoe Meadows and visit Quentin, Melody and Janie. This Christmas, Melody’s good friend, Emily, is planning Travis and Leah’s wedding in Mistletoe Mission. You might remember Emily from her brief appearance in the FREE micro-read Under the Summer Mistletoe where she organizes Quentin and Melody’s July wedding. (Download links are at the bottom of this post.)

What you don’t know, is that much in Mistletoe Misson is inspired by real people and organizations. For example, the small start-up business in Mistletoe Mission is based on this AMAZING organization.

Little by Little, founded by Isabel Stigge, is a business as mission organization, through Crossworld, committed to keeping families together in Haiti. Before starting Little by Little six years ago, Isabel worked as a volunteer in a Haitian orphanage, where she learned that about 80% of children in orphanages have families who need a way to generate income to keep their families together.


Unfortunately, 1 in 4 children in Haiti do not live with their families, and they are vulnerable to working in servitude, child-trafficking, or being sent to orphanages. Little by Little is working actively to improve this statistic and keep families together!

The goal of Little by Little is to create a self-sustaining business for caregivers in Haiti, by training them as artisans so they can generate income and keep their families together. The artisans create beautiful products in an environment that gives them a sense of dignity.  The beautiful jewelry and home decor items produced in Haiti are sold in Haiti, Canada and the USA.

Product revenue financially sustains Little by Little, but they are also very dependent on the Lord’s provision through financial partners who help carry the cost burden of operating in two countries. Little by Little currently supports 22 families and has kept 150 children out of orphanages and with their families, and it continues to stay on mission to see these numbers grow! 

In Mistletoe Mission, Luca brings these beautiful Morse code bracelets home from his trip to Haiti, and they play an important role in the story. But you’ll have to read to story to find out how. As a fun bonus, I’m giving away a Morse Code bracelet on my Celebrate Lit blog tour (Dec 20-Jan 2). Entry details and links will come in a later post.

While her own relationships always end up doomed, Emily Colt is still determined to create happily-ever-afters through her wedding and event planning business. In hopes of expanding, she enters her latest project–staging the Christmas wedding of the year–into a town-wide contest. But between crossing paths with the first man to break her heart and dodging a saboteur, she doubts success is within her grasp.

Jilted pastor, Luca Wilson, fled to the mission field to escape a broken heart. All the hurt rushes back when he returns home to officiate his cousin’s wedding, and he finds Emily–the girl to whom he once promised forever–organizing the celebration. 

Despite Luca’s lost faith in love, their unforeseen reunion rekindles a spark, and Luca vows to help Emily save her struggling business. But to succeed, they will have to learn what it means to trust each other and believe in the God of Christmas miracles.

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Don’t miss the FREE micro-read Under the Summer Mistletoe. Links for Canadian, American and UK friends are below. I hope you enjoy this free short story as my early Christmas gift to you.

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