Where is God When I Need Him?

Today is a day of high stress for the people of God. Normal has evaporated, and there is no telling when it will return or even if it will ever return. The entire world might be gearing up for a new normal that looks radically different from the past. 

The children of God have a choice to make. We can press into God and his Word and fight against fear with the truth that never changes, or we can succumb to dread and anxiety. I am choosing to fill my mind with the Word of God. 

The children of #God have a choice to make. We can press into God and his #Word and fight against #fear with the #truth that never changes, or we can succumb to dread and anxiety. ##Free short #study on Ps 77. #Faith

If you join me in Psalm 77, you’ll find some striking similarities between the psalmist and us. The people of God are in distress, and the psalmist cries out to God. He is in a moment like ours, and he decides to turn his attention and energy into prayer and meditation. If you follow along with the psalmist, you’ll find that God leads his people through by the hand. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of a better place to be right now than hand-in-hand with God.

  1. In verses 3, 6, and 11-12, the psalmist repeats his decision to do two things. What has the psalmist decided to do? 
  2. Consider the progression of his decision preceded by the words when (v3), let me (v6), and I will (v11-12). What do these words convey about biblical thinking?
  3. In verses 1-9, the focus in on the psalmist. If you mark every reference to the psalmist and then every reference to the Lord, you will notice a 20:12 ratio. The psalmist is very focused on himself. In verses 10-15, this begins to shift—the ratio changes to 7:15 in favour of the Lord. Finally, in verses 16-20, the entire focus is the Lord. Ten times the Lord is referenced, ending with a declaration in verse 19-20. What does the psalmist declare?
  4. In verse 19, the word through shows the relationship between “way” and “sea,” and the same word through shows the relationship between “path” and “water.” What is the significance of the word through? How might this apply to the COVID-19 pandemic? 
  5. It is frightening to consider what going through COVID-19 might mean for us. What comfort can you find in the last half of verse 19? What is the significance of the word unseen, and how does it comfort you today?
  6. In what two ways does God lead his people in verse 20? Explain what those phrases meant for the psalmist and what they mean for you today. 

If you’d like to hear more from this passage, check out this short video devotional my husband has put together for our church. It is social-distancing friendly, and it is a great way to address the question: Where is God when I need Him? 

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