In progress

Stacey is completing her third novel – an untitled romantic suspense.

Stacey’s newest non-fiction project is tentatively titled, The Long Run: training for righteousness through the pursuit of spiritual disciplines 


Additional publishing credits include articles in national magazines such as Canadian Family and Just Between Us, assigned work from the Mennonite Brethren Herald, Gospel Light Publishing House, Standard Publishing, Promise Keepers, and the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches. She was one of several authors writing opinion pieces for the Niagara Voices column in the St Catharines Standard newspaper.

As a home schooling mom, her mornings are spent teaching the children, but she often carves out a few hours in the afternoon to pick up her latest work-in-progress. If the evening permits, she’ll write more after the kids are in bed. She enjoys trading fiction projects with non-fiction. The intensity and emotional investment for each are vastly different, providing a sweet mental break. She is always thinking about her story or project. She has a huge dry erase board in her office, and jots notes to herself nonstop throughout the day.

You’ll find more details and links about her published fiction, non-fiction, and articles on the sub-pages dedicated to them. Place your cursor over the “book” tab and the subpage options will appear.