How to make an easy burlap wreath

First, gather your supplies. For my project, I used a square wreath frame, thin wire, and two burlap bags found at a surplus store.

Next, cut the burlap bags into strips. I used both bags, but only one is shown in the picture.


Then, fold one end over the wreath frame and tie with the thin wire. Next, weave the burlap over and under the frame. Make sure to leave a few inches of burlap loose.

Twist the burlap two to three times and weave it back. Continue this pattern until the frame is covered. When you reach the end of your burlap, use the wire to tie it to the frame. Repeat the process with a new strip. Scrunch the loops together.

Once you are finished, use the wire to create a loop from which to hang your wreath.

Come back on the 25th and see how I chose to display this wreath!

You’re gonna love it ❤


Leaded glass windows

I have a huge weakness for leaded glass windows. I love the look. When I discovered this product I KNEW I had to try it out. And I had the PERFECT window.

This is our plain and boring kitchen window. Too new to replace. Too old to be pretty.

When we renovated our kitchen, I was unsure what sort of treatment I wanted. I’m not worried about privacy (since we look at a brick wall), but I didn’t want to lose light. As soon as I saw this I knew it was the window treatment for me. I ordered two packs of self adhesive lead strips and while I wanted for them to arrive, I started searching online for design templates. Of course, there was nothing ready made for my window size, just design ideas.

I cut newspaper to the size of one slider window and found the centre. Then, using my mad math skills, I measured out a cathedral pattern to fit my template. I taped it to the back side of the window.

This is the hard part. Peel and stick the lead strips. Remove the template and put it behind slider window number two and repeat. Seriously, that’s as hard as it gets.

Up close


This updated older window is now one of my favourites!


It’s Almost Done!

Yes, I know, Makeover Monday has failed to post according to the regular schedule. No, I haven’t stopped this popular category of Glorious Surrender. I am waiting for the BIG REVEAL.

You might recall the original kitchen in our house.



We worked hard to turn this lemon into lemonade through the miracles of chalk paint and “tile” stickers. This transformation lasted a few years.


We would have kept its simple update had the insides of the cabinetry been in good shape.  The interior of the lowers were mostly rotted from water damage. We never dreamed we would ever be able to replace the entire kitchen, but when offered an amazing deal on new cabinets – we called in back-up.


So stayed tuned for a Makeover Monday Vlog post showing the reno in fast forward, taking you from demo to decorated.