Mistletoe Mission is here!

Mistletoe Mission releases today, and I open my hands to hold loose this story God placed on my heart. It is my offering to Him. 

As a writer, I long to worship God with my words. Carefully chosen, and purposefully crafted, they are my offering of praise. Today, as book two set in Mistletoe Meadows hits the market, I’m avoiding Amazon stats and download numbers. Instead, I linger in the Psalms. This is the prayer of my heart:

Give ear to my words, O Lord. 
Draw me up from the water, out from the darkened pit.
Spread your protection over me,
cover me with favour as with a shield.
Hide me in your shelter.
You remember me.
You lead me.
You restore me.
You are the stronghold of life.
I respond in a stillness that knows You are God.
So, I fret not, waiting patiently, forsaking anxiety. 
You cause broken bones to rejoice
and grant dry and fainting flesh satisfaction.
My mouth overflows with reverent praise.
I will not fear.
With lifted hands, I praise your name. 
The heavens declare your glory. 
The sky proclaims your handiwork.
I sing.
You are the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

As Mistletoe Mission releases, exposing my heart and making me vulnerable, I am choosing to be still. I will not fear. I lift my hands and praise the God who has gifted me this passion to write for His glory and fame. 

Order your copy of Mistletoe Mission and rediscover the God of Christmas miracles.

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Fun holiday give-a-way

Today, I have a fun surprise I’d like to share with you.

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Stacey Weeks


The Novel, the Award, the Interview

The Builder’s Reluctant Bride won the Best Christian Romance category at The Word Awards in June. Accepting the award for my debut novel felt surreal.

Shortly afterward, Hope Stream Radio invited me to speak about the book. We shared some laughs, read an excerpt, and discussed the Christian themes woven through the story. Here’s the link.


Available for purchase

For those in the Burlington area

Tonight from 7-9pm Julie and I will be in Burlington at the Family Christian Bookstore promoting Unexpected Love. Tonight, Unexpected Love is on sale for 29.99. That’s a savings of $10! Come tonight and enter your name for a chance to win one of three great prizes.

meet & greet invitation for print FRONT

meet & greet invitation for print BACK

Unexpected Love is a perfect Mother’s Day Gift, a gift for that new mom, or just because.

It would be such a delight to see you tonight, to hear a bit of your story, and share in the wonder of God’s great love for us.


Glorious Surrender: the book

The book, Glorious Surrender, will, Lord willing, release in November 2016! I’m am grateful to the judges of the Women’s Journey of Faith contest that chose Glorious Surrender as their winner. I’m equally excited and fearful.

I’m excited because this project is my heart split open and spilling out on paper.

I’m nervous because this project is my heart split open and spilling out on paper.

Please pray that the edits are smooth and the Lord works through my editor, trimming the script down until it glorifies only the name above all names—Jesus.

Here is a sneak peek at early reviews for Glorious Surrender: find peace and joy in a life fully surrendered to God.

“Stacey Weeks writes with transparency about the tension and transformation that her role as a pastor’s wife played in bringing her to the place of ultimate freedom – one who seeks God’s glory above all else. She communicates with honesty about the messiness of real life in public ministry and takes readers on a journey through raw life topics including pride, living authentically, finding true rest in the chaos, and spiritual warfare. Her passion for God’s glory to preoccupy and transform everyday living accompanies every thought on every page. This book is not just for pastor’s wives, it is for any woman wanting to take a vulnerable look at the sins and deceptions that lurk within their minds and hearts, that can stall their progress toward finding true purpose. A must read!”   ~Andrea Keene, author of radio bible study Ruth: redeeming the darkness

“Often we sit in our seats and wonder what the life of our pastor is like, but forget that there is another person in that relationship that must honour the God given calling of that man. Glorious Surrender is more than Stacey’s story; it is about God’s ability to shape any ordinary person into the image of Him.” ~Kevin Miller, church elder at Harvest Bible Chapel Brantford

“If you want to glorify God in everything you think, say and do, I recommend that you spend time reading Glorious Surrender.” Tami Swartz, Biblical Counselor

Book Trailer: The Builder’s Reluctant Bride


I am so excited to release the trailer for The Builder’s Reluctant Bride. As I move into the final month before the book release, I’m asking for your prayers.

It would be easy to get swept up in the promotion and fun of releasing my first novel, and some of that is great. In fact, much of that is great. But my heart, at its core, is so sinful and prideful that I know I need your prayers to navigate this stretch well, to pursue humility in these upcoming weeks, and to direct all praise and glory to the Lord.

I’m asking you, my readers, friends, and family, to commit to praying that my heart and mind remain centred on Christ, and that no matter how big or little a splash this book makes in the ocean of literature available to the public, that God would use my offering bring glory and fame to His name. This is my desire.

I hope you enjoy the contests in July and take part for the chance to win some special items made especially for this release, but above all that, know that more than following me on social networks, more than buying my book, more than anything else, I covet your prayers and would be encouraged to know you are interceding on my behalf. Thanks for reading, praying, and watching the super trailer made by my favourite brother-in-law.

All for His glory,



Super Citizen

kate and TVO kidsMany of you might remember Katie and her Nets for Kids campaign. It all started with an inspiring magazine article. She did a wonderful job raising money and awareness to help fight malaria. She started her own website and collected pledges.

TVO kids awarded Kate with a Super Citizen Award to recognize her efforts. This link will take you to her video accepting the award (Kate is third from the left, click on her picture for the video to begin), or you can watch it premier on television on TVO kids at 3:55 pm on Tuesday May 28th.

The airing of this award comes on the heels of Kevin and I attending a Teen Challenge graduation service. We had the privilege to meet the young man we spent the last year praying for, writing, and supporting as he completed a one year rehabilitation program for addictions. It was an amazing night that recognized God as our healer and restorer.

Our family believes that being a super citizen involves getting involved. Minding each others business. Cheering, supporting, encouraging and sometimes correcting each other – but always with an attitude of love.

Our Graduate and Kate reminded us afresh of what really matters in life. Living and giving to glorify God.

Philippians 3:20

New International Version (NIV) “But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ”

Let’s all be super citizens, citizens of heaven doing the work of God.

It’s Legal!

Yesterday we celebrated the legalization of our adoption of Jon and Nick. What a day! Family and friends drove up from Chatham to join us in court as a tear filled judge officiated, happy to celebrate a joyous event in Family Court.

She spoke if how much it pleased her to sign these forms and make the change that happened over a year ago in our heart legal. Emotion choked her up. As her voice caught in her throat my tears fell.

She read Jon’s birth name and legally changed it to Jonathan David Ray Weeks. She read Nick’s birth name and legally changed it to Nicholas Kevin Weeks. I cried some more.

Our group of 17 filled the small court room and celebrated the short (very short!) ceremony with hugs, tears, and pictures.

I didn’t expect to feel any different because in reality, these boys joined our family a year ago. But last night, after the last guest drove away, we cuddled together on the couch and watched a Christmas cartoon. Jon snuggled in close to dad. Kate and Nick curled up with me.

It felt nice.

It felt right.

It felt like the beginning of forever.