The Novel, the Award, the Interview

The Builder’s Reluctant Bride won the Best Christian Romance category at The Word Awards in June. Accepting the award for my debut novel felt surreal.

Shortly afterward, Hope Stream Radio invited me to speak about the book. We shared some laughs, read an excerpt, and discussed the Christian themes woven through the story. Here’s the link.


Available for purchase

Winner of Best Christian Romance Published in 2016

The Word Awards named The Builder’s Reluctant Bride the Best Christian Romance published in 2016, hosted by The Word Guild. The Word Awards is the “premier national event honouring Canadian writers who are Christian will present awards for outstanding career achievement, and for the best novels, non-fiction books, articles, scripts, poems, and song lyrics published in 2016. Christian writers.”

This one minute video contains two short clips from the night.





My Movie from Stacey Weeks on Vimeo.

Interview on Hope Stream Radio

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to speak with Ron Hughes from Hope Stream Radio about Glorious Surrender.

Vision Statement

HopeStreamRadio is a Christian Internet Radio Station that provides daily programming to English‑speaking Christians around the world to encourage them in their relationship with the Lord and inform them about the work God is doing around the world.*

Mission Statement

HopeStreamRadio is a Christian Internet Radio Station that exists to glorify God by encouraging Christians to engage fully in their abundant spiritual life.*


For those inclined to listen, click here

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For those in the Burlington area

Tonight from 7-9pm Julie and I will be in Burlington at the Family Christian Bookstore promoting Unexpected Love. Tonight, Unexpected Love is on sale for 29.99. That’s a savings of $10! Come tonight and enter your name for a chance to win one of three great prizes.

meet & greet invitation for print FRONT

meet & greet invitation for print BACK

Unexpected Love is a perfect Mother’s Day Gift, a gift for that new mom, or just because.

It would be such a delight to see you tonight, to hear a bit of your story, and share in the wonder of God’s great love for us.


A Call to Pray

Instead of my usual Thursday devotional post, today I am asking you to join me in prayer.

This Saturday, I speak at a women’s conference and I’ve been praying for hard hearts to become soft. I am praying the Spirit moves those lost in darkness into the light. I am praying for the deceived to be enlightened, for the shallow to dig deep, for the Spirit to move mightily. I am praying for repentant hearts, for teachable spirits, for an eagerness to know God better. I pray that the authority of God’s word is accepted as the right starting point. I pray that I will fade into the background and for God to be centerstage.

Would you join me in prayer?

Pray with me for for the woman who once had a moment of sincere conviction, who walked to the front of the church, repeated phrases fed to her, raised her hand or stood up during a service only to wake the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that defeated because nothing felt different. Pray that she begins to understand the next steps required of her, that she will understand what it means to count the cost, to repent, pick up her cross, and follow Jesus.

Pray with me for the woman who is born again but has developed apathy toward the Lord. Pray that she wakes up and strengthens what life remains because where there is life there is hope. Pray for renewed minds and renewed passion.

Pray with me for the women alive and passionately pursuing the Lord. Pray their hearts are encouraged and challenged to dig deeper into the Word because we can study God all day every day for the rest of our lives and still only scratch the surface of who He is.

Just pray.

For them.

For me.

For the Lord to be glorified and His name lifted high.

I speak twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

November’s Amazon gift card winner!

Before I announce the winner of the Amazon gift card, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in Friday’s book release party. Twitter, Facebook and all held wonderful words of encouragement and excitement about the release of Glorious Surrender.

Congratulations to….


Jessica, your card is arriving by mail soon!

Until next time,


New Book = New Contest!

Today Glorious Surrender releases! I am crazy excited, crazy nervous, and crazy eager to get a copy into your hands because surrender matters.

This isn’t just about that first surrender, that first time you KNEW the Lord was calling you to repent of your sins and trust in Jesus Christ for forgiveness. This is deeper surrender. It is what I believe the Lord calls us all to do: yield every part of our life to Him for His glory.

My struggle with surrender

I’ve struggled with surrender. This book shares about the many times I knew I stood at a fork in the road and had to choose between my way and God’s way. I expect you’ve been to that same place at different times in your life. If you’ve been there before or are there now and don’t know what to do—Glorious Surrender is for you.

I’ve feared surrender. What if it’s hard? Terribly hard? Can I trust God with the things that matter most to me? If you’ve ever feared yielding everything to the Lord—your life, dreams, children, family, desires—Glorious Surrender is for you.

I’ve discovered that surrender is freeing. Something amazing happened when I finally yielded complete control of my life to the Lord. If you long for peace in the midst of trials, contentment that doesn’t hinge on healed wounds or removed hardships, joy in the midst of overwhelming uncertainty—Glorious Surrender is for you.

Today, every comment posted on this blog post, every comment on my Facebook author page (under this shared post) and every comment on Twitter that mentions #glorioussurrender and tags me @WriterSWeeks is entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Who doesn’t want a gift card 51 days before Christmas? Yup. 51 days.

You can order Glorious Surrender NOW by clicking one of the links below.

My Publisher’s Site, Great Canadian Authors

regular price 13.99 @ Chapters/Indigo on sale for $13.17