Chasing Holiness

Train for the race you are already running

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What people are saying about Chasing Holiness:

Laura Colwell, Director of Women’s Ministry, Hope Bible Church, Oakville Ontario:

Stacey’s style of writing guides the not-yet-believer gently, informs the recent believer, and challenges the mature believer towards the desire for all Christians – holiness. Themes of doctrine, Scripture, and day-to-day life with its struggles are presented as understandable and relatable for the reader.  One isn’t left feeling inadequate but rather inspired to chase after holiness as a result of reading this work.

Todd Dugard, Lead Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel, Barrie Ontario:

I want every woman in our church to read and study Chasing Holiness. There is nothing easy about Stacey’s words. This is a clear and necessary call to holy living. A call that is sadly absent from many pulpits and “Christian” books today. With honesty and transparency, Stacey shares from her own life but not in that “I’ve-got-it-all-figured-out” kind of way. The reader will feel the connection and be moved to enter the chase with her. The book is saturated with Scripture, moving from powerful explanations of the biblical texts to application that is simple and accessible. The study questions at the end of each chapter, Bible Study group plan, and list of additional resources make this a must-have book for women who are series about their walk with Christ.

Andrea Thom, Bible Teacher & Author of Bible study series that includes AMOS – Come Awake! 

Foundational to Christian living is a proper knowledge of God and responding submissively and completely. This study blends biblical insight with practical reflection to help move us forward in our intimacy with Jesus.

Norm Millar, Senior pastor at Redemption Bible Chapel, London Ontario

Stacey Weeks accurately identifies a massively concerning issue in today’s church culture. “We long for Jesus … but we risk missing Him altogether.” This is why this timely book is a must-read for Christian women who are hungry to grow and faithfully follow Christ. Far too many are missing not just the truth, but literally missing Him! Take Stacey’s charge to heart; read, study, pray about, and share this book for “He is worthy of pursuing, so chase holiness!”

Laura Zimmerman, Director of Projects and Events, Great Commission Collective

Paul talks about running the race with endurance, but that can often feel quite ambiguous. Stacey takes you on a journey through the Word of God, helping you ask the right questions; that you might not just “know” the importance of holiness, but understand how to practice, pursue, and even chase holiness intentionally. I can’t wait to go through this study with some of the women in my life, as we walk this path in His Spirit, and to His Glory together!

Robbie Symons, Author of Passion Cry. Pastor of Hope Bible Church, Oakville Ontario: I love this book! I value its conviction. I agree with its goal and I wholeheartedly support its theology. In a day of “hamster wheel”, chaotic lives in pursuit of the temporal, the call to chase after holiness is joyfully welcomed. Actually, desperately needed. Weeks writes with such clarity, sincerity and honesty that is easy to digest and then powerfully apply. Read this book, but don’t rush through this book. When you truly comprehend its message, your life will see God’s path, know His power and experience His purity. It’s that important.