Submission Guidelines

Glorious Surrender is having company!

The Weekend Visitor features a guest post on the topics of training and raising godly children, biblical womanhood, and living for God. See submission guidelines below. You need not be a professional writer to submit. I am looking for fresh content from regular people who are passionate about their walk with God and how it touches every part of their life. Submissions may be in devotional style, poetry, photography with engaging captions etc.

Glorious Surrender is also accepting submissions for Makeover Mondays. Your post should feature a renovation project or homemaking project. This post requires picture(s) of your project and instructions on how others can recreate it at home.

Glorious Surrender accepts submissions of recipes for homemade cleaners, cooking/baking, and natural remedies. Please include a picture of the product and comment on your experience making it. Credit all sources.

Submission guidelines

Suggested length for The Weekend Visitor is 300-500 words. There is no suggested word count for Makeover Mondays or for recipes.

Re-prints are acceptable.

If you have a blog or website, please share a small excerpt or a teaser of your guest post the day it goes live with a link to Glorious Surrender. Do not copy and paste your entire submission. Write a short summary or teaser.

You do not need a blog or website to submit.

Write your submission in a word document and paste it into the body of the email. Do not send attachments; they will not be opened.

Send all submissions to Please include a short bio, links to your website and/or blog if applicable.


Submitting a post does not guarantee publication.

Photographs must be credited.

Glorious Surrender may edit for grammar and style.

No payment.

3 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines

  1. Mario Dimain says:

    Thanks for visiting my site. I like your site too. Very family oriented and sharply focused on God. I am glad you liked my photography. I merge images and words to proclaim the teachings of Jesus and God’s Word.

    I have an article already conceived for my blog but I will be delighted to see it posted first on ITS PERSONAL as a weekend visitor. Although there is no guarantee that it will ever make it there, I am almost certain that Kevin would love to read it.

    My article is not quite ready yet for submission but I will e-mail it to you as soon as it is completed.


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