In Too Deep

Named Best Christian Romance at the 2018 Word Awards!

She risked everything and found herself drowning in danger.



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Like a sunken treasure wedged in the lake floor, Grace Stone’s heart is submerged in the past. Her only hope in easing her guilt over her role in a tragic drowning is launching a Water-Survival program at Camp Moshe, but success depends on Grace risking everything on the man hired to rebrand the Christian camp.

Kye Campton’s extreme sports campaign lands him in hot water with the cautious instructor. His usual confidence wavers when it becomes increasingly evident that the camp’s fight for survival is against more than a declining economy. Will Kye be able to save the camp—and Grace—from a saboteur determined to see the place close for good?

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Excellent read! It kept me guessing almost to the very end. ~KATHY

A very engaging read. ~ Jessica

Keeps you guessing and warms your heart towards Grace, Kye, and most importantly, our Lord who loves perfectly. ~ SARAH

A fast-paced perplexing mystery with a sweet romance simmering beneath it ~ author LD Stauth

Get ready for a riptide of reading pleasure! ~ Sandra