Speaking and Teaching


Stacey enjoys speaking at events and conferences and would be delighted to connect with you. Email her: writerSWeeks@gmail.com or connect with her through the contact me page.

What others are saying about Stacey’s messages:

“The thing that I love about Stacey’s speaking is that she combines the Biblical text with her own life experiences as pastor’s wife, mother, and woman in ministry. It was easy to cling to Stacey’s every word because they were so rich in the truths of the Scripture.” ~ Linda Seabrook, Women’s Ministry Director, Harvest London.

“We appreciated the time, energy and prayer that Stacey clearly put into her talks for us. She tailored the content to match our theme and timing wonderfully. Most of all, Stacey’s words were based on Scripture, and the message was from a God-honoring woman.” ~ Emmanual Baptist Church, Chatham, Ontario

“It was good to take a day to filter my heart and mind through Scripture. Stacey Weeks was excellent – thank-you!” ~ Sarah Taylor, Simcoe, Ontario 

“Gospel-infused, applicable, and real biblical teaching to be put into action immediately. Convicting and encouraging all at the same time. Loved and needed it! Thank you! I liked that there was homework to continue study.” ~ Jill Johnson, Simcoe, Ontario

“Life-changing Scripture packed teaching. It was a message I needed to hear.” ~ Rachel Antoine, Simcoe, Ontario

“Stacey was very good for all – young and old” ~ Jane Campbell, Simcoe, Ontario

“Stacey brought an amazing word to this conference! I was so blessed by her words!” ~ Emma Spoelder, Simcoe, Ontario

Facebook Comments:

“I was just riveted Stacey, can’t wait to start reading your book! Thank you for blessing us the way you did.”

“It was wonderful, Stacey! Thank you so much for coming and sharing God’s Word and your heart with us. What a great message! On the way home I heard Laura Story’s song, “Blessings” on the radio and it literally made me cry thinking of the message I just heard you share. So timely!”

“I loved how you shared God’s word so clearly today.”

What people are saying about Stacey’s writing:

Glorious Surrender is specifically written with women in mind and therefore is full of insights and wisdom that women of all ages will find deeply relevant. No doubt, you’ll be nodding your heads as you go through each chapter. Glorious Surrender will renew your mind and touch your heart… It is a privilege and a pleasure for me to recommend this book as a powerful tool of discipleship on a subject of critical importance in our day.” ~Robbie Symons, pastor, and author of Passion Cry

“Stacey Weeks writes with transparency about the tension and transformation that her role as a pastor’s wife played in bringing her to the place of ultimate freedom – one who seeks God’s glory above all else. She communicates with honesty about the messiness of real life in public ministry and takes readers on a journey through raw life topics including pride, living authentically, finding true rest in the chaos, and spiritual warfare. Her passion for God’s glory to preoccupy and transform everyday living accompanies every thought on every page. This book is not just for pastor’s wives, it is for any woman wanting to take a vulnerable look at the sins and deceptions that lurk within their minds and hearts, that can stall their progress toward finding true purpose. A must read!” ~Andrea Keene, author of radio bible study, Ruth: redeeming the darkness

“As a former Pastor’s wife, Glorious Surrender struck a chord deep within me. We are all students of life, whether in pastoral ministry or not. Our stories are bigger than we are and God’s grace helps us to redefine the hard places of life. Stacey Weeks beautifully encourages her readers to keep a soft heart for Jesus! Surrender always brings glorious freedom to live, learn and love.” Margaret Gibb, Executive Director, Women Together

“Often we sit in our seats and wonder what the life of our pastor is like but forget that there is another person in that relationship that must honor the God-given calling of that man. Glorious Surrender is more than Stacey’s story; it is about God’s ability to shape any ordinary person into the image of Him.” ~Kevin Miller

“If you want to glorify God in everything you think, say and do, I recommend that you spend time reading Glorious Surrender.” Tami Swartz, Biblical Counsellor