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Stacey enjoys speaking at events and conferences and would be delighted to connect with you. Email her: writerSWeeks@gmail.com or connect with her through the contact me page.

What others are saying about Stacey’s messages:

“The thing that I love about Stacey’s speaking is that she combines the Biblical text with her own life experiences as pastor’s wife, mother, and woman in ministry. It was easy to cling to Stacey’s every word because they were so rich in the truths of the Scripture.” ~ Linda Seabrook, Women’s Ministry Director, Harvest London.

“We appreciated the time, energy and prayer that Stacey clearly put into her talks for us. She tailored the content to match our theme and timing wonderfully. Most of all, Stacey’s words were based on Scripture, and the message was from a God-honoring woman.” ~ Emmanual Baptist Church, Chatham, Ontario

Facebook Comments:

“I was just riveted Stacey, can’t wait to start reading your book! Thank you for blessing us the way you did.”

“It was wonderful, Stacey! Thank you so much for coming and sharing God’s Word and your heart with us. What a great message! On the way home I heard Laura Story’s song, “Blessings” on the radio and it literally made me cry thinking of the message I just heard you share. So timely!”

“I loved how you shared God’s word so clearly today.”