Cardboard Creations, Part 3: Life Size Angry Bird Game

Who has the coolest dad in the neighbourhood? Kate, Jon and Nick! He built this giant sling shot to compliment their cardboard box creations. First, the sling shot…

He made a box from wood.

photo (3)

He supported a post in the centre.

photo (4)

He made “football uprights.” (He tells me this phrase will mean something to anyone who likes football. Means nothing to me!)

photo (6)

He used leftover material and two bungee cords to create the launcher.

photo (5)

The only thing left to add – is cardboard.

Kate and Ian sketched out several designs for the cardboard boxes, then, we played!!


Cardboard Creations, part two

This pile of cardboard became the Jolly Midd-Weeks, a pirate ship destined for adventure.



The poles came from Fabricland and became a mast for the sail. The long cardboard pieces were wrapped around a box and taped at the ends to form the canoe shape of the boat.


They designed the sail and used string to attach it to the mast.



They painted the boat orange, drew on the lines to create the look of wood.


While the big kids built a boat, the little ones made hats and swords.




What a great week-long project!