Beautifully Broken

It always comes.

Another loss. Another sorrow. Another walk down another hard road. Once again your sovereign hand guides me into the valley of the shadow. The struggle intensifies, and the road becomes hard, but you are with me.

In the deepest and darkest depths the lessons from high are challenged. Will the ache to be faithful overcome the ache to give-up? You comfort me.

You gather fragments in your pierced hands. Jagged edges mar your flesh. Still, your grip tightens. You press in. You never let go. You restore my soul, for your namesake.

Piece by devastated piece you will build something new. You will build something that never would have been without the wounds that burrow even deeper into You. You prepare something good for me. 

Your love, your mercy, and your promise to restore makes the broken beautiful.

My cup overflows. You are my shepherd. I shall not want.

*from the archives