A wash cycle dances in perfect harmony with the clothes dryer. Damp shirts are pinned to the indoor clothes line pinching pennies. Water steams to a boil on the stove top. Oatmeal simmers for 25 minutes. The sun rises.

The children are bathed. Prayers are said. Snuggles are given. Kisses are shared. The sun sets.

Everyday the cycle repeats providing fodder for scoffers claiming family life is too predictable, too ordinary, and too mundane.

I disagree.

Shaping my children is not ordinary. It’s challenging. Being entrusted with the awesome privilege of caring for my family is not mundane. It’s an adventure. There is nothing predictable about life. It is a gift.

I can think of no higher honor from God than being trusted with His precious creation.

The cycle repeats.

As I wash the tangle of tiny clothes I pray for their future. As I pinch pennies I thank God for giving us more than we need. As I make breakfast I pray for those in countries going to bed with growling stomachs and thirsty mouths.

I confess and repent. God washes my sin, bathing me in the blood of His Son. Prayers are uttered, cried, sung and whispered. Snuggles are treasured. Kisses are generous. There is nothing ordinary about this.

This day is a gift. It is my pleasure to absorb every minute. It is my privilege to serve Him.