Only a breath away

We are visitors, I know. But somehow I never considered you going on ahead. I never considered what it would be like to walk this earth without you. To not hear your voice. Not see your smile. Not feel your touch.

We lived in a way that presumed upon tomorrow, but now we have only yesterday. What would I say or do if we had another day? Would I recognize it as a treasure, or would I fritter it away chasing things that cannot satisfy? Would I know what really matters?

Yesterday is gone, and I mourn for today, but not like someone without hope because tomorrow is coming. A thousand tomorrows. A thousand tomorrows joining you in singing out love to our great and mighty God in the place where tears are no more. The illusion lies and claims our good-bye is forever, but really, you are just a breath away. A heartbeat. And when I inhale eternity, I will see you again, and join in the never-ending praise of our Creator.

So I won’t say good-bye, I say, until then.