Parts of Speech BINGO free download

I haven’t posted a child friendly activity for quite some time. Writing, homeschooling, and the usual mom tasks have absorbed all my energy. But this week, I created a game that I’d like to share with you as a FREE download.

All three of my children are learning about the various parts of speech. After completing their regular school, they are not interested in additional review to help solidify the parts of speech in their brains. To make practise a little more fun, I made this BINGO game that my grade 3, grade 4 and grade 7 student can play together.

The PDF download includes bingo cards for three players, easy instructions, and a master list of words.

We played one game today and the kids immediately asked to play another. The youngest even said, “We should play this every day!”

Yes, that’s what I want: a love for learning.

Download your FREE PDF printable of the game today by clicking the link below. I hope your kids love it!