Moment by moment

How do you manage it all?

It’s been asked. Not that our life or schedule is out-of-control busy, but it’s a bit atypical.

Ministry demands, home schooling, relationships, writing deadlines, plus the normal daily housekeeping requirements. It equates to a busy, busy day. Week… Month… Life…

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but only if trouble is borrowed from tomorrow, or next week, or next month instead of focusing on this moment. Victory is in the present moment.

What will I choose? What will I prioritize? Will this glorify God? Larger battles are won or lost in individual moments. So managing well is not about finding a new way to dispense my time, or utilizing an efficient meal and cleaning schedule (although I do have a great one). Managing well is about surrendering each second to God and trusting that He will give me what I need to accomplish what He has planned. It’s about being okay with leaving some things I had planned undone to make room for God’s plans. It’s about understanding the absolutes God has placed upon my time.

My relationship with Him. Being a helpmate to Kevin. Taking care of my health. Raising our children.

It about putting off selfishness and putting on love. It’s putting off pride and putting on humility. It’s putting off impatience and putting on patience. It’s putting off complaining and putting on praise. It’s putting off temper and putting on control. It’s putting off criticism and putting on kindness. It’s putting off complacency and putting on zeal. It’s putting off laziness and putting on diligence. All to bring glory to God.

Life is so much more than I can handle. But praise God, it is never more than He can handle. Moment by moment, choose to put on the things of God.

All for His glory.