When life gets in the way of your plans

The Lord’s timing is perfect.

When the demands of life press down hard let that truth sink deep. The Lord’s timing is perfect.

When edits for two books are due, as race day fast approaches and school steals far more time than expected, the Lord’s timing is perfect. When ministry commitments demand attention while there are mouths to feed, clothes to wash, and a home to keep, the Lord’s timing is perfect. He gives us everything we need, moment by moment, as we depend on Him and offer all of self for His glory.

When you wonder, “How much more can I give?” The Lord answers, “Give me it all.” Because He is worthy.

Holy delays bend human schedules and bow stubborn hearts.

God might be more interested in how you respond to life’s impositions than removing them from your path. 

Unexpected interruptions cause anxiety to surface, but the Spirit fights back. He is sovereign. Prioritize one day at a time. What has God called me to today? What will most glorify Him right now?

One choice at a time, you can follow His lead and trust that He will provide what you need to serve Him well. He who calls you is faithful.

Sheep follow the Shepherd, trusting His voice. He leads His own to green pastures and beside quiet waters.

The answer is found in more—more of what you have the least: time. More time with the Lord. More time in His Word. More time to rest in green pastures and drink the quiet waters.

To follow His voice, we must know it. We come to know Him by spending time with Him. The alarm rings a bit sooner each morning, and He comes first. Then, one by one, tasks are completed. Edits addressed. Race training accomplished. School is prioritized. Ministry demands met. Bellies fed. Clothes washed. Home kept. One choice at a time, God provides as I seek Him first. He leads me to green pastures in His Word. The quiet waters of early morning stillness with Him restore my soul. We must seek God above all other things.

Let your praise rise to the Lord from a thankful heart. Good gifts come from above and stir total surrender. All of your life. All of your dreams. All of you.

For only the Lord is good. Only the Lord is worthy of praise. Only the Lord.