The Blessed Woman: day eight

The Blessed Woman Chases Holiness

Day Eight

There was a morning quite a few years ago when my children were small that the wind picked up. Three of my neighbours’ trees went down and every boom and crack sent the neighborhood running into their backyards to investigate. I watched out my window as our tree swayed like a hula dancer at the mercy of the wind.

I felt a bit like the third little pig waiting to see if the huffing and puffing would blow our tree down onto our house of bricks. I wasn’t 100% sure what was going to happen to my tree, but I was fairly confident it would withstand the storm. I knew our tree had roots that ran deep.

Our children were at school, so after a few more booms and the power failing, I walked out front and looked down the street. The school was only 1KM down the road, and in the distance, I could see the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. I couldn’t tell if they were at the school or just close to the school, so I decided to drive down the street and pick the kids up. It wasn’t like they would accomplish much at school with the power out.

When I arrived at the school, it was in chaos. Large pieces of the school roof had blown off the building. I ran inside to find students sitting on the floor with their backs against the walls in darkened hallways. The principle and teachers were in emergency mode, moving the children away from the windows and calling cell phones to try and locate parents. In some places in that building, it was intense, chaotic, and scary.

Then, I entered the primary ward, where my children were located. This hallway was for Jr and Sr Kindergarten classes, and grades one and two. The children lined the darkened hallway much like the older children did in the other wings of the school, but in this corridor, the children were aware of the storm but calmly playing quiet games. They were not anxious because their eyes were not on the storm. Their eyes were on their protectors who were not projecting fear. The children took their cues from their teachers, who remained calm and in control.

When my children saw me, they immediately searched my face to read my expression. Was I alarmed? Was I afraid? In that moment, despite understanding that the rest of the roof could blow off any second, that we still had to drive home in the storm, that God did not owe us any kind of special physical protection, I was not anxious. I was not anxious because my eyes were not on the storm. My eyes were on God – who is sovereign over the storm.

God is my refuge and strength. He is my very-present help in trouble. We need not fear though the earth gives way, though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea (Psalm 46:1-3). Even if our tree fell down or that roof blew off or God allowed an unimaginable hardship, God would be there and He wasn’t leaving. He would not fail us because our roots run straight to Jesus. My trust is in the Lord and is the Lord (Jeremiah 17:7).

What about you? As trees crash down around you, as illness takes you by surprise, as the money runs out, as you . . .  fill-in-the-blank, are you shaken like the cursed man? Are you misplacing your hope in man-made solutions and ignoring the strength available in the Lord? Is fear causing your heart to turn away from the Lord? No good comes from those choices. These choices lead to the parched places of the wilderness, to an uninhabited salt land (Jeremiah 17:6).

Choose the blessing and root yourself deeply in God’s Word. Root yourself in God’s character, depending on Him for every need, believing He is good so that you, like the Proverbs 31 woman in verse 25, can laugh at the days to come because you fear nothing but the Lord.

The heat will come. The year of drought visits every soul. Those blessed by the Lord, trusting in Him and drawing life from His Word, continue to flourish. They are not anxious. I don’t know about you, but a life free from anxiety sounds good to me. When circumstances hold the potential to shake your trees and rip the roof off your house, remember the object of your faith and the subject of your trust: The Lord. He is the One who searches the heart and tests the mind. He is the one who gives to each person according to his ways and according to the results of his deeds.

It has been my prayer that the Lord would use this short time reflecting on Jeremiah 17 to search your heart and test your mind and reveal to you the true condition of your soul. Perhaps it is time to turn from your sin and place your faith in Jesus for payment of your sin, and for the very first-time send roots to water that satisfies thirst for all eternity. Perhaps it is time for you to force your roots deeper; it is time to quit depending entirely on the frequent watering of other teachers. It’s time to mature in your faith, connecting your roots to your God. You can and should continue on this journey of maturing in your faith.

PrayPrecious Lord, may your grace prevail in my life so You can produce a harvest of good works. May I not rest in just reading and hearing the Word, or rest in it having a small impact on me, but I pray your Word changes my life. Make me a 4th soil listener, yielding a harvest not stolen by the sun, birds, or weeds. May I trust in You with confidence, be unafraid, and a fruit-producing daughter empowered by your Spirit. Lord, help me to mature.

Chasing Holiness can help you learn a bit more about what it means to sink those roots into the living water of Christ. It can help you learn what it means to trust God and become the blessed woman who does not fear, is not anxious, and continues to produce fruit by the power of the Lord.

It officially releases tomorrow, but study participants are the first to know that Chasing Holiness can be purchased TODAY! If you buy Chasing Holiness within the next 10 days and send proof of purchase to , you receive a PDF of Glorious Surrender, my first non-fiction study book FREE.

It officailly releases tomorrow, but study participants are the first to know that Chasing Holiness can be purchased TODAY! If buy Chasing Holiness within the next 10 days and send proof of purchase to , you receive a PDF of Glorious Surrender, my first non-fiction study book FREE.